smart vama media owner

– From CEO & Owner Carlos Farfan –


Hi and welcome to Smart Vama Media.

My name is Carlos and I am the owner and CEO. Smart Vama Media was born in the aim to help local businesses reach their preferred clientele.   Since then, it has become our obsession to provide every single one of our customer with the right tools and strategies to accomplish their final goal: More customers, More revenue!

It’s not about us, it’s about YOU!

A little bit about myself: currently living in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania and happily married with the most beautiful and supportive woman in the world, Peruvian of origin and with a background in customer service, IT and sales. You can follow me in any of my social networks by clicking any of the links you’ll find around the website, I’ll be happy to connect with you.

We focus mainly in 2 areas: social media development and PPC advertising via Facebook and Instagram.

No matter what your business is, we can bring you more leads, appointments, calls and also develop the right strategy to follow up with them, bringing you more ROI.

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